Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Rev. Mike UlasewichI have truly been enjoying our sermon series this past month on “Seek…” I hope you have, too. It’s been a real joy to ponder what we are seeking in life and from our lives of faith together. I hope we’ll continue to discuss how FPC can be a place for people to grow, to connect, and to serve (remember those 3 P’s—personal growth, people and purpose).

In February, we’ll move into the season of Lent. We wanted to build on our “Seek…” series by offering a series on spiritual practices. What better way to grow, to connect with God and to listen for the Lord’s purpose for our lives than to practice some of the spiritual activities that have been passed down to us. Each week, at the conclusion of my sermon, we’ll have an opportunity to briefly practice one spiritual discipline. We’ll try a different practice each week during the six weeks of Lent. One week we might try singing Taizé. Another week we might journal, or have a guided meditation or even silence for a few minutes. Our hope is fourfold. First, that this will help us to continue considering what we are seeking and how we might find whatever that is. Second, these spiritual practices will help us prepare for Easter and the victory of the empty tomb. Third, they will give us a chance to tend to our souls—offering healing and wholeness to all who partake with us. And finally, we just might learn a new practice or two that we can incorporate into our daily lives and become ever more deeply spiritual people.

I hope you will join us each week in Lent (starting Sunday, February 14) for a look at some spiritual practices.

God Bless You,
Pastor Mike

Editor’s note: You can view the sermons in the “Seek…” series below.


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